Astrophysicist-in-Training at MIT | Science Communicator

At the MIT Kavli Institute for Astrophysics and Space Research, I work in Professor Anna Frebel’s lab to study how ultra-faint dwarf galaxies form. They are the oldest and faintest galaxies in the cosmos“cosmic fossils” giving us clues about what the early universe looked like.

To uncover how they formed, I use data from the Caterpillar computer simulations.

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My personal mission is to get others as excited about science as I am! I do this through engaging public talks, social media posts, videos, and graphics. 

During my gap year, I reached more than 5,000 people as I traveled around the Philippines almost every week doing talks on science. I was a speaker at the UN and Adobe EduMAX. I also collaborated with ABS-CBN, the Philippines’ largest media company, to create a science video.

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Science pilgrimage🌏I try to visit places of scientific significance and meet scientists all around the world whenever I can do so with the least expense possible. 

Coursework 💻I publish notes, outputs, and resources from my classes here. I hope they help!

Reading list📚I own too many Audible credits and buy too many books (oops).