At MIT Kavli Institute for Astrophysics and Space Research, I use data from a simulation called IllustrisTNG to investigate the origins of red spiral galaxies.

Public Speaking

I talk about science a lot. I was a speaker at the United Nations and at Adobe’s biggest annual conference. During my gap year, I traveled around the Philippines almost every week doing public talks on science, reaching >5,000 people.


I make science videos on my YouTube channel (11K subs, ~1M views). Last 2018, I worked with ABS-CBN, the Philippines largest media company, to create an explainer video about the Philippine Space Agency.

Digital SciComm

I use social media and Adobe CC tools to create compelling visuals and narratives that engage the public in science. 


I post some of my outputs, resources, and notes here in hopes that they might be able to help others.

Fun Projects

Follow along my nerd pilgrimage, peep my reading list, and get excited with me as I meet scientists around the world!