Astrophysicist-in-Training at MIT | Science Communicator

At the MIT Kavli Institute for Astrophysics and Space Research, I work in Professor Anna Frebel’s lab to study how ultra-faint dwarf galaxies form. They are the oldest and faintest galaxies in the cosmos“cosmic fossils” giving us clues about what the early universe looked like.

To uncover how they formed, I use data from the Caterpillar computer simulations.

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My personal mission is to get others as excited about science as I am! I do this through engaging public talks, social media posts, videos, and graphics. 

During my gap year, I reached more than 5,000 people as I traveled around the Philippines almost every week doing talks on science. I was a speaker at the UN and Adobe EduMAX. I also collaborated with ABS-CBN, the Philippines’ largest media company, to create a science video.

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Science pilgrimage🌏I try to visit places of scientific significance and meet scientists all around the world whenever I can do so with the least expense possible. 

Coursework 💻I publish notes, outputs, and resources from my classes here. I hope they help!

Reading list📚I own too many Audible credits and buy too many books (oops).


Searching for the Unknown

Searching for the Unknown

[This was a reflection paper I submitted for my class 24.01 Classics of Western Philosophy. I make references to terms in the class (e.g. Copy Principle, impressions, Doctrine of Recollection, etc.)...

The Breakthrough Junior Challenge is back!

The Breakthrough Junior Challenge is back!

Hello, Challenger! It's Hillary, Winner of the 2017 Breakthrough Junior Challenge. How are you doing?  Although our days are now fraught with uncertainty, one thing is for sure: the Challenge...

The Power of the People

The Power of the People

Sitting in the middle of the frame, sullen-faced Joshua Molo periodically looks down at his phone as he speaks, almost robotically, to the camera. “I know what I did was wrong,” he said in Filipino,...